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My Life Is Good, For Now.

Posted in Ramblings About Life with tags , , , , , on September 27, 2011 by Mayday Pictures

If you know me, then you know I have one awesome roller coaster of a life. Twenty-eleven has been a particularly hectic year for me. For now though, life is good. I’m living in Fort Worth, Texas, I have a great job, and I am finally spending my life with someone that truly cares about me as much as I do him.

When I get to the good places in life, I like to remind myself from time to time that it’s not always great and it still isn’t awesome for everyone. It helps me to stay focused on keeping my life good and at a low level of stress. It helps me to not sweat the petty stuff.

My time these days may not sound ideal. I drive an hour to and from the office during the weekdays, which can be a bit cumbersome, but I also get to see the beautiful Texas sunrise each morning. I’m the sole Internet Marketing Manager at my current job, where daily I find new things my predecessor implemented that I will have to fix . I get to work, do my job for eight hours, do a good job at my job, then go home.

We just moved into a new house, so our weekends are normally spent doing something to fix it up such as painting or installing peg board in the garage, etc. We also fancy fishing and do that very often. There’s nothing like watching life start on a lake in the morning. It’s so peaceful.

I like to think about where I’m at and how I got here. I like to think about what will happen in the future and what has happened in the past. What I really like though, is knowing I wouldn’t change any of it.

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