My Time In Saint Louis

In 2009, I was working as the marketing coordinator at a career education school in Huntsville, Alabama. Through that position, I was referred to an agency in St. Louis. Long story short, I consulted for them for a month or so then was offered a full time position as their Director of Search Engine Marketing. One catch — the position was based in Saint Louis.

I jumped for joy at the thought of finally getting out of Alabama. I had been very successful the recent years and now had an opportunity to continue that success by moving to a big fancy city with some yankees to get myself exposed. [I like to play up the small town girl thing]

I accepted the position and hopped on a plane the next day to fly down to Miami for a trade school convention. This is when the culture shock hit. I stepped off the plane to be greeted by a tall, very large man. He looked like Shaft and he was my personal driver. WHAT?! I have car service? We left the airport and headed for one of Miami’s hottest hotel and resort, The Fountainbleau. I stayed in te VIP suite. I knew they were just trying to wow me and even so, I was wowed to no end. My room was fit for a queen. Luxurious bed sheets and expensive bath soaps, huge plasma screen TVs everywhere I turned, my own cash bar…with all the makings for any drink you could ever think of….it was perfect! I took pictures of everything! The bed, the view, the lamp…you name it, and I have a picture of it. I wanted to enjoy this moment as long as I could, because I didn’t know how long it would last.

After I get back from Miami, I make arrangements to leave Alabama and move within a month.

During my time as their Director of Search Engine Marketing, I was able to bring my knowledge to the table from my previous experience, which produced one of the largest revenues in the web department. I was also given the great opportunity to expand my knowledge base to different industries while utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) best practices.

I was able to go to several industry related conferences across the country which helped me to network with others and gain exposure and additional knowledge about search marketing and optimization methodology. Not to mention the fact, I got to visit Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas, etc. Each and every place I went gave me another great experience to remember.

Because of the knowledge I’d gained from the opportunities my employer provided, along with the growth of my department, we broke the department into two, SEO and SEM, and ultimately I became the Director of Search Engine Optimization.

I learned alot about the difference between laid back style and corporate style while I was in St. Louis. It was extremely difficult to live in Saint Louis and be away from everyone I knew. It was difficult to understand a lot of personalities I came across while I was in Saint Louis. (my biggest pet peeve was folks who wouldn’t let me get off an elevator before they were shoving themselves on, lol) The winters were particularly hard because it was cold and there was so much snow and ice and no sun. I decided to move back to Alabama in March of this year.

It feels like St. Louis was just a dream really. But my time there means so much to me. The opportunity was was a blessing. In life you just have to move on sometimes and sometimes you don’t want to move on, but sometimes you do and the timing is perfect.


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