Ore-OMG Little Pies

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Picture of OreOMG Little Pie

How to Make OreOMG Little Pies

This is an easy recipe for beginner cooks who want to make a delicious treat.

The good thing about this recipe is that it’s pretty flexible. You can add or remove like ingredients or change portions based on the number of cups your have available in your cup cake pan.

So let’s start with the ingredients.

36 Oreo cookies (1 package)

40-ounce container of creamy peanut butter — It’s important to note the deliberate specification of the peanut butter container…the size matters because you will be using the lid as a cookie cutter for the pie crusts.

2 tablespoons granulated sugar

2 tablespoons melted butter

2 refrigerated pie crusts — I like Pillsbury, and they normally have good coupons in the newspaper.

So first, you need to pull your pie crists out of the oven so they can get to room temperature. (It’s much easier to work with at room temperature) Next, you should preheat your oven to 350F.

Start by unrolling your pie crusts. Utilizing your peanut butter top, cut out as many 4 inch rounds as possible between your two crusts. Place one in the bottom of each of your cups in your cupcake pan. You can make it with the entire side covered with pie crust, or just the bottom. Either way is good.

Next, you’ll want to start adding about a teaspoon of peanut butter to the top of several Oreos. After you’ve completed enough to have two in each cup, you’ll need to start making stacks of two so that you have two portions of Oreos and two portions of peanut butter per stack.

Batch of OreOMG Little Pies

Delicious and Easy OreOMG Little Pies

After that, start placing the stacks in the pie crust-lined cups.

The next part is the most tedious. With the remaining pie crust, cut 1/4 inch strips to be used to top each pie. Use your own judgement as to length.

Place in a weave-like design on top of each pie. Dress with melted butter and sprinkle generously with granulated sugar.

Then comes the oven.

You can bake em for about 25 minutes and they should be ready to go. Make sure the tops are slightly browned. Let them cool before removing them from the pan.

They can be served alone or warm with a tiny scoop of ice cream to garnish.


How To Take Pictures Of Christmas Lights

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Christmas Tree with Christmas Lights by Mayday Pictures

How to Take Decent Pictures of Christmas Lights

First let me start with this: Don’t give up when you find you’ve snapped several pictures and none have turned out. It took me years to figure out how to actually capture a picture of my Christmas tree. I’m self taught, so don’t hate.

I figure other people have come across the same problem–where they take all these pictures of holiday decorations and neighborhood Christmas lights, but when they get home, realize they are all blurry. This post is dedicated to sharing what has worked for me with respect to taking good pictures of Christmas lights.

So, the most important aspect of this whole how-to is to make sure you turn your flash off. Using your flash defeats the whole purpose of capturing a pretty, glowing-like Christmas light picture. Regardless of which tips you take away from this tutorial on how to take pictures of Christmas lights, turning your flash off will be the one that you’ll utilize in every instance. If you don’t have a really great quality camera, turning the flash off will at least allow you to have the glow effect in your picture.

The following are what I’ve found to work for creating clear pictures of pretty glowing Christmas lights:

Turn the ISO to 200, or the lowest setting your camera is capable of. Again, make sure your flash is off. When you use the flash, it offsets the glowing effect of the lights, so the effect of your final image isn’t as lovely as it could be. I like to use this setting when I am taking a landscape picture from a good distance. Make sure you have your camera in a steady position, or else you’re likely to create a blur. If you don’t have a tripod, you can use the self-timer feature on your camera so you’ll have time to re-gain steadiness before the picture is captured.

Another method that has worked for me is to turn the ISO up to 1000. Once again, make sure you aren’t using your flash. If you are taking a picture of a Christmas tree, where you happen to be standing pretty close to the object, having the ISO set at 1000+ makes it much easier to capture the picture without having to utilize a tripod.

I generally like to practice being able to hold steady so I don’t need to rely on a tripod. With this method, though, you’ll typically spend much more time trying to get that “money shot”. If you do it this way, the money shot is definitely worth it.

If you have found an easy way to take good pictures of Christmas lights, please share your methodology below in the comments section.

Happy Holidays From Mayday Pictures!

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Happy Holidays - Mayday Pictures

West Coast Roaches – Another Customer Service Disaster

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I recently had an encounter with an Ebay seller, jarmstrongwcr, of West Coast Roaches. It was apparent to me this person has no comprehension of what good customer service is…or customer service at all really. I’d like to share the interaction below:

Sent Date: Sep-22-11 07:41:01 PDT

Dear jarmstrongwcr,


I hope all is well. I received my package yesterday, however, every single one of the roaches were dead. Can you please send more or give me a refund?


– maydaypictures
Sent Date: Sep-22-11 08:09:22 PDT

Dear maydaypictures,

We can replace the order. I have added a copy of our live arrival guarantee policy. We require notification of the dead item with in hours of receipt. This way we ensure they have not set in a box in the heat for half a day.Its not very common that they die in transit, we lose less than 1% of what we send out.

“blah blah blah, shipping policy”

– jarmstrongwcr
Sent Date: Sep-22-11 08:15:54 PDT

Dear jarmstrongwcr,

I’ve read your terms, however I was unable to notify you within the six hour period because:

a. I wasn’t expecting them to be delivered until today, and
b.I was unable to make it home form work until late last night.

They were stored in a room at 73 degrees before I was able to open them. They were dead when I did. Will you be replacing them?


– maydaypictures
Sent Date: Sep-22-11 08:28:03 PDT

Dear maydaypictures,

Yes w will replace them, they leave out beginning of the week.

– jarmstrongwcr
Sep 22, 2011 at 10:34 AM

Dear jarmstrongwcr,

Thank you very much! Sorry about the trouble.


– maydaypictures

OK, so at this point I figured it was taken care of and that would be it. Well then, the person who received my bugs told me something very interesting:
Dear jarmstrongwcr,


I was just informed by the person who received the bugs earlier this week at my house that the mailman had delivered them directly into the mailbox. Was there not a signature requested? Are you requesting a signature this time? I don’t think it’s a good idea to deliver bugs to a mailbox. Who knows how long they were in the mailbox before we realized the mail had been delivered? They should probably be signed over to someone who can immediately bring them inside. If this isn’t the way you run your shipping process, please let me know so I can leave a note on my mailbox for the mailman not to leave them in the mailbox.


– maydaypictures
Sent Date: Sep-23-11 12:10:29 PDT

Dear maydaypictures,

Multiple Order Upgrades
Buy 2 packages- 2oz water crystals FREE
Buy 3 packages-get 100 more dubia roaches FREE
Buy 4 packages-Get 200 more dubia roaches FREE

At regular price, we follow this method. Buy 3 at regular price, we give you 100 free, buy 4 at regular price get 200 free.IF not regular priced, you get just the roaches.

– jarmstrongwcr
Sent Date: Sep-23-11 12:38: PDT

Dear jarmstrongwcr,

I wasn’t asking about water crystals or free roaches. I was asking about your delivery stipulations.

Sun, Sep 25, 2011 at 9:27 AM

Dear maydaypictures,

Good Morning,
Thank you for your recent purchase with us, We understand that your Dubia roaches arrived dead.
We will replace the Dubia free of charge to you, however we do require that you cover the cost for a shipping label in accordance with our live arrival guarantee policy.
This policy is posted on every item on Ebay and posted on our websites shipping and delivery policy. Once you have completed the transaction, we will ship your feeders out on Monday.
You can complete the transaction for the shipping of your replacement by visiting the link provided below.
We thank your for entrusting us with your feeder needs and look forward to providing you with quality feeders for many years to come. To review full copy of our live guarantee policy you can visit the following link.

Live arrival guarantee

Complete the transaction by visiting the following link.

Copy and paste the link to your browsers address bar. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at. If you have problems we can also invoice you via paypal, just send us an email letting us know you would like an invoice.


– jarmstrongwcr

What? Charge me shipping? I understand customers are responsible for shipping on replacement orders, but I’m not going to pay shipping for something directly related to a mstake made by him. So I send this:
Sep-29-11 09:22:37 PDT

Dear jarmstrongwcr,


I have still received no response to my email. Either you replace the roaches I purchased for free, completely free, and require a signature, or remove me from your mailing list and expect to receive a bad feedback rating on Ebay. It is not my fault you didn’t require a signature for the delivery. I should not be held responsible for the shipping to replace them either.

Sorry for the sternness, but I can’t wait any longer and I keep receiving what seem like auto respond messages form you. I need the bugs.


Sep 29, 2011 at 11:38 AM

Dear maydaypictures,

We only require signature confirmation on the orders that go to places that have vast temperature swings, extreme heat or extreme cold. Our replacement procedures are detailed on the auction multiple times.If the feeders die, we replace them, but we require the buyer to pay only for the shipping. A signature confirmation does no good if nobody is present to receive them and they go back to a stiffing hot post office after riding in a mail truck all day. We are more than happy to replace the feeders, and even double the amount we send for your troubles, but we ask that you help us with the shipping. I should also mention that our policies state the time frame in which to contact us for the replacements. We can’t guarantee live delivery if they sit in a hot mailbox all day and get contacted the next day about it.Again I am totally willing to replace the entire order, and even overnight them to you, but we need you to meet us halfway as the buyers availability to receive the live items is beyond our control and directly effects the mortality of the feeders. There is no need for negative feedback as we are trying everything humanly possible to work with you. I hope that we can come to some type of agreement on getting your replacement order to you as quickly as possible.

– jarmstrongwcr
Sep-29-11 09:57:17 PDT

Dear jarmstrongwcr,

I’m living in Fort Worth Texas where this year we have broken all sorts of records regarding record high heats! There was someone at the residence to receive the package. However, the mailman just put them in the mailbox. It makes no sense for you to expect I should’ve known you weren’t going to require a signature. You state specifically in your shipping policy that a signature would be required. I’ve bolded it below for you.

“Live delivery is guaranteed to area in the U.S. where temperatures at time of delivery are 85 degrees and below. If shipments are going to location that fit into this category a signature at delivery will be required to accept package. All packages that are not accepted with a signature at time of delivery, the shipment will returned to the local post office and held for pickup. All shipments returned to postal offices will need to be retrieved within 6 hours of delivery attempt.”

You broke your shipping policy. You need pay to reship. Simple as that. If you fix this issue, you can be assured I’ll buy more, so you’ll make up your loss in a few months.


Sep-29-11 10:07:55 PDT

Dear maydaypictures,

Fine, I will replace them. They will shipp priority mail on Monday. Since you paid a lower rate on the first purchase.(11.50 not the regular price of 14.99) I will require a signature confirmation, and I will not be guaranteeing live delivery for the replacement.I will ship exactly 100 smalls without water crystals and without the plastic container. I will do this if you leave positive feedback on our Ebay listing before we ship the replacement.I don’t like being held over a barrel over feedback. Also I have provided the portion of the policy that states the time frame for contacting us when no signature confirmation is required.

You must contact us within 6 hours of receipt of any package to dispute and receive a replacement.
This is for all transaction regardless of weather condition, location or any other in which you did not meet.

– jarmstrongwcr
Sep-29-11 11:11 AM

Dear jarmstrongwcr,

Let me get this straight. You broke your shipping policy, you’ve taken your time in responding to my emails even sending responses that were completely irrelevant to my questions, you’re planning to reship without even a container on the condition that I provide positive feedback BEFORE you ship…and you claim I’m holding YOU over a barrel? That is absolutely absurd.

Why in the hell would I want to receive a package full of roaches that are not contained? Furthermore, what makes you think I am dumb enough to provide positive feedback to you before I receive anything positive from you? Especially when you’ve point blank told me they’re not going to be guaranteed alive. I need some of whatever you are smoking, my friend.

How about this, forget about replacing the roaches. I wouldn’t want you to have to abide by your own shipping policies or actually provide the service that someone paid for. I am sorry I encountered you on Ebay in my hunt for a good provider of Dubia roaches for my Tokay.

Have a good day.

– maydaypictures

Here, I was pretty much infuriated. I couldn’t believe the nerve of this guy. Bad customer service is one of my biggest pet peeves. I decided to let it at that, then I went and left my feedback, just like i do for every other interaction I have on Ebay. Well, I’ve never left negative feedback before, so I was surprised to see the prompt Ebay was giving me after I left the feedback to open a case against the seller. I went ahead and filed a case, to which the seller pushed through to Ebay customer service before waiting the three day grace period, and Ebay immediately determined I was entitled to and gave me a refund. Unfortunately, I don’t think the seller was held responsible for the refund, as he states in his emails below, but nonetheless, he goes on to sending more emails to me making threats a what not. What an absolute ass.
Sep-29-11 13:25:34 PDT

Dear maydaypictures,

Since i supply all the other sellers, I will be sure to let them know you are coming. They all have the very same policy since the use mine. Good luck on your quest.

– jarmstrongwcr
Sent Date: Sep-29-11 13:47:12 PDT

Dear jarmstrongwcr,

So instead of just taking your loss and fixing your business practices for the next customer, you’re going to email and threaten me? Even more absurd and idiotic. If you actually believe you supply “all the other sellers” and it makes you feel better to threaten “warning” them about me, a customer who simply wanted to get what she paid for, you’re worse off in the head than I originally thought. By “all the other sellers”, are you talking about the 9 people who like your Facebook page? Guess your pull isn’t as large as you claim.

Ebay wouldn’t have given me a refund if you had been running your business properly. If you had followed your own shipping instructions, there wouldn’t have been a problem.

Good luck and just remember, good customer service goes along way–lies and bad customer service leads to no customers. No customers as in ZERO. Zero as in nine less than how many like you on the Facebook.


– maydaypictures
Sep-29-11 03:19 PM

Dear maydaypictures,

LOL Ebay, Facebook, or our website is not the bulk of our business. We supply all the sellers on Ebay with roaches. They are our marketing force.They resell for us for their profits.We provide weekly shipments to them. SO your roaches will still come from the same place.If it makes you feel better to poke at our website and such feel free. Our ability to reach our markets does not depend on a website or a single customer. As for a loss, I lost nothing. The refund was issued by Ebay and was not deducted from us in anyway.We still got paid.As far as the negative feedback, it just shows that you did not read the policy. Everyone who sees that will know that.In a weeks time nobody will even see that remark.I hope you enjoy your refund and your weekend.

– jarmstrongwcr
Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 6:23 PM

Dear jarmstrongwcr,

The only thing you are right about is LOL.

Sounds like business is going SO great in the fact you have the time to try and argue and threaten a customer…after you already lost the case, might I remind you. I understand the policy you set forth, which includes the statement that a signature would be required for receipt. Maybe you should read it. If your blatent disregard for the policy you set forth is what caused me to need a replacement, then I should not be held responsible for shipping the replacement. There is a word for that–scam.

Probably, these sellers you are speaking of are just you. Good for you.

Wow. I will never ever understand how any business or company, regardless of size or type, could be okay with treating a customer this way. It just makes no sense.

The owner of West Coast Roaches reached out to me after I posted this blog at the Fauna Classifieds on a thread where there was another complaint from a former customer. I’m glad to say after further consideration, the owner decided to replace my roaches completely for free. I received them and they were all alive.
You can view his response here.

My Life Is Good, For Now.

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If you know me, then you know I have one awesome roller coaster of a life. Twenty-eleven has been a particularly hectic year for me. For now though, life is good. I’m living in Fort Worth, Texas, I have a great job, and I am finally spending my life with someone that truly cares about me as much as I do him.

When I get to the good places in life, I like to remind myself from time to time that it’s not always great and it still isn’t awesome for everyone. It helps me to stay focused on keeping my life good and at a low level of stress. It helps me to not sweat the petty stuff.

My time these days may not sound ideal. I drive an hour to and from the office during the weekdays, which can be a bit cumbersome, but I also get to see the beautiful Texas sunrise each morning. I’m the sole Internet Marketing Manager at my current job, where daily I find new things my predecessor implemented that I will have to fix . I get to work, do my job for eight hours, do a good job at my job, then go home.

We just moved into a new house, so our weekends are normally spent doing something to fix it up such as painting or installing peg board in the garage, etc. We also fancy fishing and do that very often. There’s nothing like watching life start on a lake in the morning. It’s so peaceful.

I like to think about where I’m at and how I got here. I like to think about what will happen in the future and what has happened in the past. What I really like though, is knowing I wouldn’t change any of it.

September 11th: Ten Year Anniversary

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It’s a sad day today. I’ve been anticipating it for a few weeks now, but didn’t expect to be so emotional. I’ve been watching NBC‘s coverage of the 9/11 tribute this morning, and it is intense. I didn’t realize they were going to call every single name of those who passed at ground zero on that horrible day. It’s been on my TV for a few hours now, and they’re only down to the last names that start with M. I’ve had to force myself to do things so I’m not just sitting there being reminded over and over again how much detriment this event caused. I still have the TV on the channel out of respect to those lost, but it’s almost unbearable, at this point, to continue dwelling in this misery. While I try not to focus on it, I have this thought in the back of my head that there are terrorists, overseas or maybe in our homeland, that must be watching this and just patting each other on the back. IT makes me feel so sick inside.

My Day September 11, 2001

My day started normal as any other day in a 15 year emotional girl’s life would. I was running late. At my school, the rule was if you were late to class, you stayed in ISS (in-school suspension) for the remainder of the period. I remember sitting there copying the text from a list of rules we were required to write over and over when suddenly, the social studies teacher from across the hall busted into our room and shouted “Someone hit the World Trade Centers!” Initially, I was startled because most of us were already scared to death to be at school anyway for fear of a Columbine-esqu attack, and when someone came busting in the room I thought this was the time that attack was coming. Anyway, we had access to local programming, so the teacher turned the TV on so we could see what was going on. I can’t remember if the bell had rang at this point or not. We were watching the WTC burn and listening to the reporters talk about what could possibly have caused this when all of a sudden, we see a plane crash into the second tower. We knew we were watching this live as the reporter who was on the mic shouted many expletives¬†at the time¬†it happened. I didn’t really understand what was going on, but I knew someone was attacking America. I moved on to my next class, French 100. By the time I made in down the stairs and over one hall, the entire school was panicking. There were so many kids with parents who were supposed to be at the World Trade Centers that day.

I remember sitting on top of my desk looking at the TV and just thinking in my mind that I needed to get out of the school. I needed to find my brother and we needed to go home.

By the time the pentagon attack happened, my school had made the announcement to lock all the doors and shut down the televisions. When they did, pretty much all hell broke loose in my classroom. Our teacher wasn’t very intimidating normally, so when she told us we were going to have to continue with our day as normal, we all basically just laughed in her face. I kept thinking “What should I do?, What should I do?” I had no idea. This was something that none of the peers around me or myself had ever experienced or anticipated, nor¬†even could¬†conceive of or comprehend¬†what had actually been done.¬†¬†This was the beginning of a major wake up call to all of us. I knew about wars and had heard of terrorists, but the environment I was brought up around made me¬†believe that America was untouchable. It made me blind to the¬†war and suffering of the¬†outside world which I considered at that point outside the¬†world [of America]We we found out on September 11, 2001 that America was very touchable. The terrorists touched all of us that day and the impression will last forever.

Well, they’ve managed to make it to the names that start with R. It’s so sad to hear this all. All two thousand, seven hundred, thirty-five names.

Tequila, My Love.

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Tequila is one of my many loves in life. I consider myself to be a connoisseur of tequila. Others just consider me an alcoholic. I would say to them, moderation is key. Just as with wine connoisseurs, too much is too much.

When people talk about tequila, the first thing that comes to mind has to be shots. Shots shots shots. While tequila is good served as a shot, chilled, with salt and lime, I prefer mine straight from the bottle at room temperature in a rocks glass. Maybe it’s the madman in me, but I like to taste my liquor.

There’s many a debate on which is the best tequila out there. I will spend my time on this category to bring you stories and information regarding my favorite types of tequila. Currently, Patron Silver is my favorite, but that changes from weekend to weekend.

This post is currently incomplete.

My Time In Saint Louis

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In 2009, I was working as the marketing coordinator at a career education school in Huntsville, Alabama. Through that position, I was referred to an agency in St. Louis. Long story short, I consulted for them for a month or so then was offered a full time position as their Director of Search Engine Marketing. One catch — the position was based in Saint Louis.

I jumped for joy at the thought of finally getting out of Alabama. I had been very successful the recent years and now had an opportunity to continue that success by moving to a big fancy city with some yankees to get myself exposed. [I like to play up the small town girl thing]

I accepted the position and hopped on a plane the next day to fly down to Miami for a trade school convention. This is when the culture shock hit. I stepped off the plane to be greeted by a tall, very large man. He looked like Shaft and he was my personal driver. WHAT?! I have car service? We left the airport and headed for one of Miami’s hottest hotel and resort, The Fountainbleau. I stayed in te VIP suite. I knew they were just trying to wow me and even so, I was wowed to no end. My room was fit for a queen. Luxurious bed sheets and expensive bath soaps, huge plasma screen TVs everywhere I turned, my own cash bar…with all the makings for any drink you could ever think of….it was perfect! I took pictures of everything! The bed, the view, the lamp…you name it, and I have a picture of it. I wanted to enjoy this moment as long as I could, because I didn’t know how long it would last.

After I get back from Miami, I make arrangements to leave Alabama and move within a month.

During my time as their Director of Search Engine Marketing, I was able to bring my knowledge to the table from my previous experience, which produced one of the largest revenues in the web department. I was also given the great opportunity to expand my knowledge base to different industries while utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) best practices.

I was able to go to several industry related conferences across the country which helped me to network with others and gain exposure and additional knowledge about search marketing and optimization methodology. Not to mention the fact, I got to visit Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas, etc. Each and every place I went gave me another great experience to remember.

Because of the knowledge I’d gained from the opportunities my employer provided, along with the growth of my department, we broke the department into two, SEO and SEM, and ultimately I became the Director of Search Engine Optimization.

I learned alot about the difference between laid back style and corporate style while I was in St. Louis. It was extremely difficult to live in Saint Louis and be away from everyone I knew. It was difficult to understand a lot of personalities I came across while I was in Saint Louis. (my biggest pet peeve was folks who wouldn’t let me get off an elevator before they were shoving themselves on, lol) The winters were particularly hard because it was cold and there was so much snow and ice and no sun. I decided to move back to Alabama in March of this year.

It feels like St. Louis was just a dream really. But my time there means so much to me. The opportunity was was a blessing. In life you just have to move on sometimes and sometimes you don’t want to move on, but sometimes you do and the timing is perfect.

My New Blog

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Welcome to my personal blog. I’ve planned to have a blog for quite a while, but never had the time. I’ve recently relocated to Fort Worth, Texas and have found more time to devote to myself instead of the corporate life. Check back often for updates and more blog post. I have a lot to say. ūüôā

In the meantime, visit Mayday Pictures on Facebook or Follow Mayday Pictures on Twitter.

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